About Kenton 
Early Years
I've had a colorful life, to say the least. Going out on my own at age fifteen, I worked odd jobs to get by, flying north to Alaska at seventeen to work in a salmon cannery. I then went on to become a King Crab fisherman. (Have you seen Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel? The show depicts the adventurous lives of crab fishermen on the Bering Sea. This was my life for two fishing seasons in the early 80's. )

I've held many jobs: bartender, landscaper, sales positions; and created and ran various businesses, including beach resort owner/manager and restaurant owner. After training as a method actor, I not only did some acting, but ran my own talent agency.

I remember when, at six years old. I was driving with my parents in our VW bus and I had this incredible moment of Source recognition and Spiritual truth came through me. A knowingness, which is like a feeling and a thought combined, told me that I could "pull" from thin air all that I ever needed to know. At six years old, I had the sense that important knowledge came from some place beyond the physical world, some invisible place.

Shift Happens
Back in the mid 90's, I became very ill while spending time in Asia. My lifestyle and lack of conscious knowing of who I truly am created a contrasting experience which I refer to as my Awakening. I was so ill, I didn't think that I was going to make it back to the United States.

As you have no doubt guessed, I did make it back. I saw many doctors but none of them knew what was wrong. Some said that I had chronic fatigue, perhaps fibromyalgia, and I was also diagnosed with ADHD. I didn't know it at the time but, according to author Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., this meant, "Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension."

Then one day it all began to happen. I decided to get well. I realized that the doctors couldn't help me. I realized that if I was to get well, I needed to be the one to do it. I needed to find out how to cure myself. And at that moment, I began to align with my knowing of who I truly am, which is Source, and the conscious Creator of my life experience. Within a week's time, I had what I now know to be a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. During this spiritual event, I blacked out and saw silver lightening shoot up my back. When I regained consciousness moments, perhaps just a fraction of a second, latter, I was a full-blown clairvoyant and psychic. Soon I discovered I had other "gifts" as well. I would get these impressions of others that turned out to be true. I began to communicate with a Spirit Being that began to teach me how to heal with energy. The story of my awakening is amazing. The stories that accompanied the process of my awakening over the next few years are as fascinating as they are varied. The point here is that I found the alignment that began the healing process. I found the alignment that reminded me of my true essence, Source. I was aligning with health and well being.

Healing, Miracles, Allowing and Intention
I began a journey of healing that would span many years and be filled with many, many different and varied experiences. Some experiences were great, some mundane and some were just not so nice at all. I began to become interested in alternative types of healing; specifically, energy work and light work. I began a healing practice during this time of self-healing. I had lots of energies coming through me and felt compelled to share them. I could "see" what was out of balance in people and could help bring them back into balance. Some healings were, indeed, "miraculous."

I started to notice that something subtle happened when these "miracles" were present. I was not "trying" to force an effect. I began to notice that when I allowed something else to happen and I got out of the way, something great did happen.

Then I began to notice another factor involved in this experience. It was intention. Intention was a funny thing for me at first. You see, intention is something more subtle than I was used to. Intention comes more from the heart-spirit, than from the head and ego. Dr. Wayne Dyer states in his book, The Power of Intention, that intention is an energetic field that we tap into. I began to learn that combining intention with allowance gave me an ability to do something that made a huge difference for others.
"Kenton has an extraordinary ability. He has helped me to move through some very challenging times at a rapid pace. The information I receive in a session offers profound insights into my life, relationships and feelings. Whatever I think the session will be, it inevitably isn’t. Wherever it goes, a healing takes place of whatever truly needs attention at that time. Kenton guides with wisdom, caring and skill. I leave our sessions in a clear space and with a renewed sense of freedom. I highly recommend Kenton. His work is a divine gift." ~ Amanda, UK
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